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Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence training courses can add significant and lasting value to your organisation. And that's where we come in to our own!

Delivering results-focused Emotional Intelligence training courses in the UK and globally too, you benefit from genuine expertise from acknowledged Emotional Intelligence experts.

There's no 'chalk and talk' or boring theory; just an intellectually stimulating, hands-on, engaging learning experience that stacks powerful learning with accelerated skills development.

Because each member of our expert team has been carefully selected following a rigorous assessment process, you can be completely confident that you will learn and develop with acknowledged subject experts, and keen collaborators who willingly transfer knowledge and expertise to you.

Emotional Intelligence Speakers

Emotional Intelligence speakers need to be more than just a 'Speaker'. They need to be credible, highly experienced, be able to apply their knowledge to the real world and, of course, make it involving and fun too!

Scott Watson and Dirk Bansch are regularly appointed to present at annual conferences for organisations across the globe. If you want to educate and entertain your audience, why not get in touch with our expert team for a chat?

You may wish to reinvigorate your employees following a tough time, reward them for a job brilliantly done, or open their eyes to more productive, healthy and enjoyable ways of communicating, collaborating and operating. That's where our popular keynote presenters can add significant value to your audience, and organisation.

Emotional Intelligence Training For Managers

Emotional Intelligence For Teams

Emotional Intelligence In Leadership

The leader sets the emotional climate within their organisation, and their team.

Too often, leaders are appointed due purely or largely due to their demonstration of technical competence or excellence, rather than considering whether s/he has the ability and desire to actually lead people and teams.

Emotional Intelligence does not replace technical competence. It does though complement technical competence and can quickly boost or even transform how a leader, their team and their organisation performs.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Would you or a member of your organisation benefit from boosting your Emotional Intelligence? Absolutely yes!

Accredited to administer and facilitate the world's only scientifically-validated Emotional Intelligence assessment for the organisational setting, our expert team of consultants and coaches will organise your EQ assessment and provide a bespoke 1-2-1 feedback session.

The EQ-i 2.0 Assessment provides you with a powerful 'Blueprint' on how you can dramatically improve how you operate in your organisation. For more comprehensive information, please click here.