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Sharpen Your Edge

Scott and Dirk deliver bespoke presentations that surpass even the highest client expectations.

He is as comfortable with an audience of 500 as he is with 50, and his presentations are carefully designed to ensure they are relevant to your audience, thought-provoking and also, highly interactive and entertaining.

A dynamic and thought-provoking speaker, Scott is sought out by industry leaders eager to build his powerful principles, standards and approaches into their organisations.

Scott is perhaps best known for his work in creating significant improvements in the effectiveness of senior management teams in a wide variety of industry sectors. He is able to share genuine case-studies that demonstrate the power of resilience, optimism, trust, passion and collaboration.

He can draw on his vast experience in supporting over 10,000 people in business over the past 11 years to maximise their effectiveness. From performance turnaround situations to helping a high-performing team deal with failure more productively, Scott can design a meaningful and educational presentation for your audience.

Decisions, Decisions!

Each and every day, an employee will make hundreds of decisions in your organisation. From the most senior leaders right through to your customer-facing team members. But how are their decisions helping or hindering your organisation's effectiveness and performance?

Most decisions are made on 'auto-pilot' setting; by this we mean without full or relevant consideration for consequences and implications further down the line. And this could be costing your organisation dearly in terms of poor quality, silo working habits, inferior customer service, inefficient working practices, and even organisational risk.

Decisions, Decisions! explores the psychology of whey human beings sometimes make seemingly stupid decisions, how they impact an organisation and financial performance; it also explores how to make high quality decisions quickly, boost operational effectiveness, and satisfy stakeholder and customer needs too.

An action-packed, entertaining 60 minute keynote presentation delivered by either Scott Watson or Dirk Bansch.

Shall We Get Engaged?

Are your employees and teams not performing optimally? Do they perform well in fits and starts, but don't seem to reach a happy, worthwhile medium? If this is true in your organisation, your people aren't emotionally engaged. And there's a BIG cost to this!

Shall We Get Engaged? will show you how to effectively and quickly address low levels of employee engagement and deliver a sustainable improvement in how your employees choose to perform.

Emotionally engaged employees are the difference that can make a BIG difference to your organisation's operational and financial performance. Why leave optimal performance to chance? You're welcome to call our expert team for a chat about your specific requirements.

The Emotionally Intelligent Manager

Your organisation cannot perform at, or near, its best without an abundance of managers who partner technical competence with high levels of Emotionally Intelligence. It's a fact!

Would you like your managers to be more motivational, engaging and collaborative? How would your organisation benefit if they were?

This highly-interactive, thought provoking 60 minute keynote presentation will show your managers how to boost their self awareness, manage themselves far more effectively, achieve more in less time and, get the very best performance from their team members - consistently!

Your managers stand to be surprised at just how much they learn in just 60 minutes; but the lessons they do learn can literally transform their personal effectiveness and team performance.

Health & Well Being

How much would your employees enjoy and benefit from learning how to manage their stress levels more proactively and productively?

How valuable would it be for your employees to learn how to change unproductive habits that may be negatively impacting their health and well being - and performance at work?

How much might your organisation benefit from improved employee engagement, motivation and commitment, if your employees' truly understood that they each play a vital role in your organisation's success?

This keynote isn't a 'Let's all be happy' gig; it's a powerful, engaging and meaningful exploration of how your organisation can enable your employees to make positive shifts in their thinking, habits, behaviour and motivation. Does it sound like it could be of great value to your organisation? Why not get in touch for a chat?