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Emotional Intelligence For Project Managers

Emotional Intelligence Training For Project Managers

Project Managers face a tough task in getting the best from a team of people with diverse skills, specialisms and agendas. Directing and/or influencing other human beings over whom you have no line management responsibility can feel like an impossible task. But with Emotional Intelligence - it can be done!

We'll give you an insight into just how much more value emotionally intelligent project managers can add to your organisation, and its customers too.

We'll show you how to develop highly competent, collaborative and trusted project managers by developing a range of highly effective Emotional Intelligence competencies.

EI Training Course Overview

Do You Want Your Project Managers To Learn How To:

View The Relationship From Their Stakeholders/Customers Perspective

Identify Stakeholder's Personal Values And Match Them To Better Ways Of Working Together

Set The Emotional Temperature Of The Project Team To Promote High Performance

Deal With Disagreements Within The Project Team More Proactively

Undertake A 'Tough Talk' More Confidently, Competently And Collaboratively

Balance The People And Task Requirements To Boost Engagement And Commitment

Solve Complex Problems With Solution-Focused-Thinking Tools

To Develop A More Cohesive, High-Trust And Collaborative Team That Delivers Significantly More Value

Why not find out more about how our specialist team can support your Project Managers to boost their Emotional Intelligence?