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Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

Emotional Intelligence Training Masterclass

Let’s face it, managers are usually in situ because they are technically brilliant in their chosen field of expertise. And that’s commendable.

But what is often missing is the ‘meat on the bone’ tools that can literally transform organisational effectiveness within a matter of days.

We'll share with you a rare insight into just how much more value emotionally intelligent leaders and managers can add to yourorganisation.

And we won't just 'tell' you how other organisations have transformed their performance, we'll show you how your leaders and managers can do it.

If you want or need to significantly improve how your organisation performs, the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass is definitely the best investment.

EI Training Course Outline

We'll Share With You The Insider Information On How:

You Can Boost Your Own Personal Effectiveness By Up To 40%

To Manage Your Mental And Emotional Focus More Easily And Effectively

You Set The Emotional Temperature Of Your Team And Help Or Hinder Results

You Can Develop A Healthier Emotional Outlook And Transform The Results You Achieve

To Develop An Empathic And Collaborative 'Bedside Manner' To Partner Your Technical Competence

Realistic Optimism Can Build Resilience, Patience And Shared Commitment To Achieve Goals

You Infect Your Team (Positive & Negative) With Your Emotions And How To Maximise Positive Emotions

To Develop A More Cohesive, High-Trust And Collaborative Team That Delivers Significantly More Value

Why not find out more about how our specialist team can support you and your organisation to enhance its Emotional Intelligence?