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Engaging Change Management Training

Change Management Training Course

Poor project management skills, inadequate communication and silo working habits are usually the main culprits of failed change management projects.

Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be that way any longer!

Participants on our thought-provoking Engaging Change Management training course learn how to use a series of proven, easy-to-use communication tools and techniques to maximise employee engagement prior to, and during corporate change programmes.

We'll teach you how to consistently improve employee engagement, trust and commitment to actively supporting change management projects.

EI Training Course Outline

Some of the key competencies you require to undertake a successful change management project include:

Developing and maintaining high trust relationships with stakeholders, your team and internal customers

Effective planning so that the delivery of agreed commitments and results is achieved consistently

The ability to make high quality decisions with or without complete data

Managing conflicting priorities, and stakeholder expectations effectively

Ability and willingness to manage yourself (ups and downs) effectively

Developing high-trust relationships that promote transparency and mutual support

Influencing strategically to overcome obstacles and maintain progress

And that’s where you can achieve significant value from our input.

Duration: Action-Packed 1 and 2 Day Change Management Training Courses are available, and designed to meet your requirements.