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Engaging Coaching Skills

Engaging Coaching Skills Training

The Engaging Coaching Skills Masterclass is a time-tested, proven method of turning around managers and teams that need to perform much better and, just as importantly, enhancing the performance of high performing managers and teams – but still could do even better.

The Coaching Skills Masterclass combines our latest research on management development, team coaching and brain-friendly learning technology.

In this programme, we'll lay out a complete, all-encompassing system that puts participants in control and enables them to maximise every area of yourpeople engagement policy.

It includes a step-by-step plan for releasing the full potential of your managers and team leaders so they can overcome even the most difficult employee engagement challenges and create a new level of excellence for your organisation.

Day 1

Become A Far Better Listener And Develop Deeper Understanding With Team Members and Your Boss

Present Your Ideas More Convincingly To Any Audience

Reframe Situations And Develop Better Understanding Before Taking Action

Deal With Failure Positively And Move On With New Confidence

More Effectively Manage Your Mental And Emotional Focus At Work

Communicate With Senior Colleagues And Bosses More Confidently

Developing And Restore High Trust Relationships

Expanding Your Personal Comfort Zone

Deal With Vague Language and Gather Precise Information Quickly

Overcome Low Commitment From Colleagues

Benefits For Your Organisation Include:

Increased Employee Engagement And Enhanced Motivation

Greater Efficiency, Improved Productivity And Fewer Quality Problems

Fewer Performance Management Issues And Headaches

Reduced Short-Term Absenteeism

More Emotionally Intelligent People Managers Who Lead By Example

Improved Clarity On Individual And Team Performance Standards

Enhanced Personal Ownership On Achievement Of Goals

A Collaborative Coaching Culture That Delivers Sustained Improvements In Performance

Better Results With Fewer Resources And In Less Time

Greater Self-Reliance And Less Dependency On External Coaching Support

Day 2

Positively Challenge Imposed Deadlines and Gain Agreement To More Realistic Timescales

Gather Facts And Data And Sideline Opinions

Improve Emotional States – For Yourself And Your Team

Motivate Your Team (Quickly & Easily)

Set The Emotional Climate Of Your Team

Develop More Self-Awareness Of Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Develop Your ‘Bedside Manner’ and Personal Impact

Focus On What's Important – And Achieve It

Develop Authentic Empathy And Build High-Trust Relationships With Colleagues And Stakeholders

Lead By Example And Enhance Levels Of Employee Engagement