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The Motivational Manager

The Motivational Manager

The Motivational Manager training course is an action-packed one day event which quickly immerses your managers in an intensive, intellectually challenging, but eye opening learning.

Designed to enable managers to move from where they are currently, to where your organisation wants and needs them to be performance and effectiveness wise, this is one of our most popular management training courses.

Managers will leave the event with a powerful, time tested toolkit they can begin to use immediately; personal and team effectiveness is set to be boosted, maintained and improved with this course.

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EI Training Course Outline

Do You Want Your Managers To Learn How To:

Shake Themselves Out Of A Motivational Rut In Seconds

Use 3 Key Motivational Strategies To Involve And Fully Engage Team Members

Measure How Motivational (Or Not) They Are As A Manager

Boost Their Self-Awareness And Ability To Manage Themselves More Effectively

Identify And Address Poor Performance Issues More Collaboratively

Use Emotionally Intelligent Praise And Reprimand To Reinforce Positive Behaviour

Confidently Nip Issue In The Bud Before They Manifest In To Big Issues

Develop A More Motivational, Engaging And Authentic Management Style